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Formed in a moment of madness in 1961 by a band of 10 members.
(Namely, Mike Hancock, Terry Milton, Roy Turner, Dave Bennet,
Dave Baker, Jessy Howes, Pete Edmonds, Plum Pardoe,
Brian Sweeting and Dave Adamson).

This membership soon grew and membership now stands at around 40.

The club was initially based at the Duke of Monmouth but now has its
Headquarters firmly established at the Bunch of Grapes.

Ramblers Family
Prize Winng Cart

The Ramblers have developed a reputation for being somewhat
eccentric if not a little mischievous.

Many people would argue that this is the driving force
which has maintained the strength of the club over
the years through good and bad times
The list of past entries will show the successes that the club
has had over the years both on Stage and the Road.

The Club hold weekly meetings at the
Bunch of Grapes, St John Street, Bridgwater
at 8pm on Thursday Evenings.

Anyone interested in joining or lending support is welcome to attend.

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